Public speaking

”All I do is win, win, win, no matter what…”

Today has been a really good day. I’ve got that ”Goose bump-feeling”, if you know what I mean.
The day started off with a morning run, then work, then the gym and after that a class in Public health foundations. And we had to do public speaking… Which I hate. I know, all of you are thinking; ”But you love to talk! You don’t ever shut up! ”
But I really hate to speak in front of a crowd. Especially when it’s in english cause I get nervous and lose my words! But today  when the tutor asked; ”Who want to go first?” I just thought ”Screw it! Let’s do this!!”.
To conquer your fears you must meet them! So me and my partner was first up. Not my best presentation, but pretty good. And I did it, so damn proud!!
Looking forward to a whole day at uni tomorrow!

On Saturday my bosses are gonna take me and my co-worker on a trip to double island, where we gonna camp! Worlds best work-party? Well, it remains to be seen. I’m so excited!!

For those of you who don’t have the goose bump-feeling today, here’s a song to dance to;

”And every time I step up in the buildin’
Everybody hands go up
‘Cause all I do is win win win”

The second semester at The University of the Sunshine Coast

After a five weeks break Uni finally started again! I know it sounds weird and I should be happy to have a break but I really love studying! And after I did so good in all my subjects last semester I’m even more excited to start studying again!
This semester I’m doing Anatomy, Physiology, Public health foundation and Food in society. I started the day with one lecture of anatomy and one lecture and workshop in physiology, and it was so much fun and interesting!
I get to meet a lot of my people again and also get to meet new ones.

Francisco came back and made my day.
And I’m also looking forward to cuddling up to these two in every physiologic lecture this semester!


Have you ever heard that a ladybug means good luck? Well, I have. And when I’m sitting in my room one Sunday night and I notice a ladybug on my shoulder I get very happy!

I have this book I got for Christmas last year about what different animals means, and this is the meaning of a ladybug;
”Someone thinks of you with love. My gift to you is to feel loved. 
On the wings of love I come to you to give a message of love. You are truly loved for what you are. 
Ladybugs often acts like a messenger for someone else but can also come with a message from yourself – to yourself.”

And with this lovely ending of this week I am looking forward to a new one.
Soon Uni will start again and I’m so excited of what’s to come.

Is it funny that the first thing I thought when I saw the ladybug was; Are they poisonous here in Australia?

Kangaroos – On campus

These videos are for my friends and family back home. Here kangaroos is like the swedish deer, and they live on campus. They are awesome and I love them, how can you not love them?

Everytime you see a kangaroo it’s like this thing that you have to take a photo. Like one day when we were going to see a movie Raphael and Junpei missed the bus because they had to take one of those photos(everyone gave a pretty big sigh). But, it was a pretty awesome photo and they didn’t miss the movie!







One night with the gang

This was a night with a lot of laughter, dancing and singing. And I got it all on video! 😉


Me and Linda dancing an awesome dance!
Pretty surprised I didn’t make everyone deaf with my laughter this night.

Macarena or not? The question is; what is Alex doing with the pump?


Linda turned into shaggy.
One carrot and some rapping, she sure was on fire!