My neighbors were awesome

I really loved my next door neighbors at Unicentral, here’s some videos of them this semester. I will miss them!

Eddie dancing at Chris party and doesn’t get very happy when he realizes he’s not dancing with a girl…

Talar having a mental(laughing) breakdown in the couch, one of many 😉


I wonder how many times all of them told me to drink instead of taking pictures(or studying). By the way Eddie, my present of cards, what happened to it?

The first videos from Australia

Okay. I’ve got a lot of videos from this semester that I’m gonna share with you.
And a few of you might be nervous cause I have so much videos that I could do blackmailing for a living. But don’t you worry, I won’t show you all the best stuff 😉
But this is mostly for all my friends and family back home, so they can have an idea of what’s been going on this semester!

But here is the three first videos of me arriving to Australia, and Unicentral;

This was my roommate I first met. He was nice and trying to help me out, but on the inside I laughed!


A five minute walk to Uni one of my first days!


Hanging by the pool with one of my first friends at Unicentral – Linda!

Love with every stranger, the stranger the better

You know how I told you that Elin is my inspiration.
Today I woke up at six and thought I overslept, but no work today since it’s Saturday. So I went for a morning walk at the beach with some awesome music in my ears.


IMG_9491 IMG_9495  IMG_9490 IMG_9502IMG_9501 IMG_9500

Some breakfast for a champion was made after the walk. A smoothie with frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, pumpkin seeds, purely grass and almond milk!



The beauty of living here.

About two weeks ago I was sitting on the bus from Sippy downs to Mooloolaba and I got the feeling ”I live here”. There it came! The feeling I was waiting for, for the first time I could feel that I live here. It was weird.

And recently I’ve noticed that I forget to appreciate all of this that I’ve got here!
I live a ten minute walk from the beach – where a lot of people go on their vacation, and this is my life. I lost the vacation feeling and somewhere in between I forgot to appreciate everything I have here in Australia.
Last night me and Elin went for a walk on the beach, and it was crazy beautiful. I wish you could experience all of this with me.

Elin had to take a couple of photos of me when I did handstands cause I can only stand for like a mili-second(wich you can see on my blurry foot). Sorry Christian & Fredrik, I haven’t been practicing as much as I promised!

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My friend Elin.

I have a friend named Elin who is studying fitness at TAFE and now she’s started writing on english so you guys can read her blog too!
She’s a really big inspiration to me not only when it comes to the workout but also as a whole person.
She tries to pep me with encouraging words and help me reach my goals, I’m just not sure what they are!
Yesterday I went up at 5 for go for a morning jog and then hit to work. It feels awesome to have done the workout for the day before work even starts at 7:45!