Sweden compared to Australia – Food culture

Yesterday I had a class in Food in society and we were talking about different culture foods.
I told my class about how we look at candy back home in Sweden.
In my family while growing up, and in many others, we had this thing called Saturday candy. Which meant I was only aloud to eat candy on Saturdays. And now when I’m grown up I always say; ”I’m gonna be healthy now and only eat candy on Saturdays.” Cause that kind of stuck with me through all my life.
My class laughed as they thought it sounded weird, which it probably is I just haven’t thought of it like that before I got here. Why Saturdays? Where did that come from?

Midsummer – We eat herring, get super drunk and dance around a midsummer pole. It’s awesome, but when my tutor asked the reason to why we did this, I didn’t know what to answer to that?
And the thing about Easter. Tried to explain to the class how we dress up like witches with freckles and knock on strangers doors and give letters of paintings, that we our self’s made, to them. That’s just weird! Haha.
Here do you have an explanation to what Easter is in Sweden;


An Easter witch.

The happiness is all around me

Now a days I just feel happy. Absolutely happy. It is like my mind and my body are at peace, and I love it! There’s so much love in all the people I see everyday, I laugh so much everyday that I can feel a six pack growing. My body hardly hurts anymore and I almost always have something to look forward to. I feel really greatful for my life!


Worlds best staff party.

Last weekend my bosses took me and my co-worker on a road trip along the beach and we went camping!
We went to Double island, Rainbow beach and we slept in Inskip point. It was such an amazing trip and I’m so greatful that they brought me along with them!
The beaches were incredible and we also saw wales!

It is hard to describe this wonderful trip so I will show you some pictures instead. I wish everyone could see this amazing place and experience everything I did those two days!

IMG_1129 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1178 IMG_1190 IMG_1193 IMG_1210 IMG_1233 IMG_1241 IMG_1243 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1255 IMG_1274 IMG_1277 IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1106 IMG_1105 IMG_1090 IMG_1083