I think I’ll try defying gravity

Last weekend I went camping and climbing with a bunch of amazing ladies from USC.
– To be in the nature
– To be without my phone
– To hang with people I didn’t know
That was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries and to breath for awhile!

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The thing is that I have never been climbing before and all the others were so freaking awesome and climbed up that wall like they were freaking spider-man. I was super impressed of how they pushed themselves and showed no fear at all. So I thought; it can’t be that hard?
Hmm, the jokes on me.
I have never seen myself as someone that is scared of heights, but apparently I am! It was one of the things I was beginning to over come that weekend, but it also felt like something more. Like I needed to overcome the fear of something else.
When I finally climbed up that wall of 40 meter I cried, maybe because I was so scared that I thought my heart was gonna stop – but also because I did it. I climbed that freaking wall. Maybe not like spider-man, but as a tiny spider. And I can’t be more proud of myself.
What ever you do, do not ever quit. You can make it!


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