Things I heard about Australia before coming here;

We have all heard those things about Australia before we go here, to the most dangerous country in the world.
”There will be snakes every where, a spider WILL kill you, you will get attacked by a shark and there is only hot surfer dudes there.”
– After a year, my dad still calls me (every week) to ask if I’ve seen any snakes or big spiders.

Let me tell you this;
Snakes – The first thing my roommate said last semester when I arrived in the middle of the night was; ”Watch out for the snakes in the trees!” That is not true.
I’ve only seen one, it was at uni and it did NOT attack me! It was kind of beautiful in away.
But still, things happen and I’m glad it’s not happening to me.
My friend Shiloh, her mum lives in the bush and the other week she hears something in the living room. And when she comes out there, she sees her rat (in a cage), being attacked by a python. It’s holding the rat with its mouth through the cage! And my 007 friend took the vacuum cleaner and started to hit the snake with it so it let go of the rat! She is bad ass my friend, just saying.

Spiders – A couple of weeks ago the biggest spider I’ve ever seen walked into the coffee shop where I work, it wasn’t that scary. Okay, maybe a little. But I just loved the look on my boss’s face that day!

Sharks – I am terrified to go to deep into the ocean and every time we go I’m pretty sure my friends are trying to trick me to go further and further out into the ocean. But I have a trick I use! Just make sure that someone is further out than you are. So if a shark Will attack, it’s not going for me first! Sorry guys, now you know my secret 😉

And for the hot surfer dudes, let’s be honest. They do not exist, at least not on the sunny coast. Hate to break it to you ladies!