A working body?

Before I moved to Australia I didn’t party a lot back home, mostly in the summer. But here summer is everyday, which makes it a little bit harder!
Back home I tried to stay away from gluten, lactose and sugar – since I got here it’s been going down hill.
I have a lot of problems with my body, and I am that kind of person that thinks that the body will feel and work much better if I eat food that is good for my body – that is why I’m studying nutrition. I find it interesting how the food works for and with the body.
I haven’t stopped believe in this I just have been to lazy to care about my body right now. That, on the other hand, needs to stop.
My body felt so much better before I got here.
So, I’m gonna try this again. Try to eat good and healthy food without gluten, lactose or added sugar.
But, my teacher in my nutrition class told us to be open minded, kind of ”forget” what we read about food and how it affects the body, when we started this program, so I will not be too strict.
But God knows I’m not perfect. I will drink alcohol sometimes, eat some candy, and even a pizza now and then, But I will try to take it down a notch, because I need my body and mind to work with me.

You don’t have to agree with me on this, but you don’t have to judge me either.
My medicineman back home used to say ”Eat with your brain, and not with your mouth.”

Okay. I will eat up my chocolate eggs. Because I bought them. And candy is sooo expensive here 😉

Today I’ve got an ass.

Today my two ladies, Elin & Linda, took me to the gym, and Elin worked the shit out of me.
This day will always be ”the day Penny got an ass”.


Let’s just see of I can get out of bed tomorrow. It will probably be amazing and exactly what I need.

One more day and then I have easter-break. With studying. Need to catch up on my sleep and my books.
I just submitted my first assignment, and I couldn’t be more proud of my self! I made it this far, so I think I will last a little bit longer!
Time to say hello to my pillow. I’ll probably give you another update tomorrow. Just wanted to point out the most obvious thing; I’m awesome. 

If you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over.

Hi guys.
I’m alive, can you imagine that?

Sorry for the bad update, but it’s been a lot going on. The pool, the parties, the sun, the people. Yeah, and of course studying 😉
No, seriously. The studying is much harder than I thought. The words in biology and chemistry are hard in swedish, can you imagine them in english?! Good thing I’ve got my lovely dears here that can help me.
People are so nice here, I love them.

I sometimes say that I play apartment-bingo. Everytime I meet someone new I ask them where they live and that one day when I get a full house I’ve got bingo!
This evening I’ve been to 85 where Talar, Amy, Eddie and Brandon live. Katie almost lives here too(she’s always here), she lives in 87. And I live in 86. That’s my crew!

Here are some of my people over here.
10479034_10152799470943177_8689621029569025332_n IMG_543010930924_791030850951832_4526352968620470324_n IMG_5367 11053540_791030884285162_6342988749300512892_n11058066_10206187373913144_6250775647286096614_n IMG_5458 IMG_5574

IMG_5308 IMG_5296
IMG_5346 11084301_10206187370673063_6082917631725591163_n
The girls after workout <3
IMG_5499 IMG_5500IMG_5608 IMG_5699IMG_5708 IMG_5819IMG_5809  IMG_5314 IMG_5324 IMG_5598 IMG_5456IMG_5683 IMG_5759

I’m so lucky to be here with these people, they’re my australian family.


Cats are liquids.

On Monday school(UNI) started. Was pretty nervouse – but I had my neighbour Amy with me because she is also studying nutrition.
And it all began with Chemistry for two hours, and then labratory Chemistry that’s supposed to be for three hours, but we only listened for one hour and went home.
This is going to be a hard subject for me, but I acctually think it’s kind of fun.


So the courses I’m taking my first semester on USC is Chemistry, Biology, Communication and thought, and Introduction to Nutrition. And right now I’ve got a lot in my head – I’m not used to reading this much.

I’m mixing swedish and english while doing my ekvations.
So I have to make a great timetable to fit everything in – and on Wednesdays I’m taking some time of to go to the gym with my girls!!
We went to a really to a really fun Circuit yesterday at the gym. So sweaty and so hard, but SO MUCH FUN! 😀 I love to sweat, it clears my mind.

Me & Martine after the gym.
Like two little pigs <3