I had an Epiphany.
That’s my favorite english word. I don’t know why, but I’ve just embraced it.

“Epiphany – it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.”

Right now I’m spending my time in Hong Kong, I arrived about one hour ago.
I’ve been so nervous. I’m pretty sure I smell like shit because I’ve been sweating like crazy.
This is my first time flying alone, you know.

Everybody who knows me pretty much know that I’m sort of clumsy some times.
But I’ve striked my limit today – When I arrived at Heathrow in London.
Going through the pass control is a lot harder than it seems, believe me. You maybe think it would be to just walk through the big entrence(the scanner), but instead you’re heading for a fence.  And the fence doesn’t open. And you try again. And a women have to Point you in that direction of the scanner. Yeah, you get starred at. By everybody in the same line.


Hitting the toilet seemed like a good idea too. No. The door gets stuck and I’m like “What to do no? Panic? Scream?”

-“Halllooooo… Does anybody hear me? I’ve been locked inside.” It took a few minutes but the working lady got me out eventually.

I’ve also been enlighted about that the chinese New Years Eve is on this thursday.
Is Hong Kong in china? Because the girl at the flight gave me a strange look when I asked if it’s a big thing all over China, and she said she didn’t know if it were, but it was in Hong Kong.
The conversation pretty much ended there. Because I couldn’t stop wondering Why I didn’t pay attention in school.


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