Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

Hey all you lovely souls!

This semester is finally over, or is it finally?
The time has just been flying by and it’s kind of freaking me out.
And since I’m a person who can’t be in the present now, I’m thinking about how I wish I would have met a couple of people a little earlier this semester as they’re going home soon.
But there’s been some really amazing people here this semester and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know them!

On Friday I was with Jenna and Bridget at Bridget’s house and we had an amazing girls night. Talked about our lifes and thoughts. We were meditating as well, to the most perfect song!
Bridget; ”You have to sing with the song!”
Me; ”I don’t know the words, I’ve never heard this song!”
Bridget; ”That doesn’t matter, just make something up!”

So we were lying in the dark with a couple of lights on and just shouting along to this song! It was so much fun and energetic.
These people give me energy to the max <3

IMG_8613 IMG_8629  IMG_8650


IMG_8655 IMG_8642




Living the life in Aussieland

People keep asking me how I feel about living here in Australia now, and if I miss home.
When I got here I asked people: ”I wonder how long it will take for me to feel like this is my home?” They said it will take me at least three months. And here I am, three months later, and it still feels like a vacation.
So do I miss home?
No, I can’t say that I do. I miss my mum, Bennie, my friends and maybe my stepdad (but just a little bit), but I really don’t miss it.

You know when you move from one place to another and after a while you sort of forget the old place. How it looked like, what it smelled like, how it made you feel – but I’m not there yet. I call this my home now, but I still remember my old one. In my life I’ve lived approximately two years at every place, that’s how many times I’ve moved.

But, when I sit here in my room and I can hear a skateboard outside my window and I stop to think, ”Is that a train? Are there trains nearby?”
Everyone at my old job knows what I’m talking about, you know when you hear the train go over the rails, that is what a skateboard sounds like.

People say ”reckon” here. A lot. ”Do you reckon?” And Yes, sometimes I get caught with it and say it. Am I almost an australian now?
And the piercing. I got a nose piercing. I am definitely australian.
One thing I can’t say, it just doesn’t work. ”No worries”. I just stutter, I sound like a kid that’s trying to be cool.

To start a whole new life like this is awesome, thrilling and also terrifying. Everything and everyone is new, and I’ve learnt to know so much people since I got here. And they are awesome.
Unfortunately some of them are soon going home as they are only staying for one semester. I’ve made myself a family here and I’m so blessed that I met them!