I’m loving the energy this day is giving me

This day started off really bad and I was just irritated about everything – the effects of yet another night of bad sleep. And you know that feeling when you’re trying to think happy thoughts but it’s just now working – you just want to crawl back to bed. I literally had to tell myself before I walked out of the door to start my day; ”I can do this.” And boy, I did.
Went to a yoga class at The Spit here in Mooloolaba with some lovely people, and it was exactly what I needed to calm my mind. So Saturdays at 8 am, let me know if you guys are keen to come with me next time!
Later on Alle and myself ended up at the beach, where I was trying to remind myself to be grateful for this amazing place I live in. It is so freaking beautiful here and I wish all of you could be here with me. We talked old memories and just laughed about how cray cray we are sometimes!
The absolute best thing about this day was my lunch, me and some friends of mine had a three hour long lunch with stimulating conversations about everything and nothing. It is so uplifting to know that I have people like these that I can share my thoughts and emotions with, they are so loving and they give me so much energy. For that I am grateful!


Acroyoga 2.0

And the end of last year I started doing yoga at this amazing yoga studio here in Mooloolaba, called Yoga Vida. I love the energy there and the teachers are really good.
When I lived in Sweden I had a really hard time getting into yoga, which I never did, cause I always got so irritated or annoyed, it was like something was crawling under my skin and I couldn’t relax. And now I’ve learnt that that feeling was probably a sign – I needed yoga the most at that time.
Then I moved here and I thought I’d might give it ago again. And now I’m hooked.
People may think that yoga is not a as hard of a workout compared to going to the gym. But I disagree,  yoga gives you so much, I’ve discovered a couple of things about myself since I started with yoga.
I’m the worst at being in the moment, I’ve now started to notice that I sometimes just zone out when people talk to me. I just don’t listen, and then I have to ask them to repeat it to me, which is very disrespectful.
I’m not using my breathing to the best of my capacity, and I believe that deep breathing helps the body to heal. That is why one of my new years resolutions were to focus more on my breathing – so next weekend I’m going to a breathing workshop at the yoga studio and I’m so excited!

It’s funny, when I went to high school I knew this girl, we were actually not friends, we just used to hang with the same people.
And when I moved here, to Australia, she shot me a message on Facebook saying she lives here as well, like an hour from me. And this lovely person, Frida, is a yoga student and she is an amazing yogi and also really good at Acroyoga. So at the end of last week she came and visited me and along with her and her two friends Fiia and Henniina I tried on some  Acroyoga for like my third time. These girls are absolutely amazing at this and I’m just a newbie, but it was so much fun! I just need to practice more, cause it’s really hard!
I only know this pose but I have to say that I’m nailing it.


If I were you I would check out their blogs;



I think I’ll try defying gravity

Last weekend I went camping and climbing with a bunch of amazing ladies from USC.
– To be in the nature
– To be without my phone
– To hang with people I didn’t know
That was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries and to breath for awhile!

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The thing is that I have never been climbing before and all the others were so freaking awesome and climbed up that wall like they were freaking spider-man. I was super impressed of how they pushed themselves and showed no fear at all. So I thought; it can’t be that hard?
Hmm, the jokes on me.
I have never seen myself as someone that is scared of heights, but apparently I am! It was one of the things I was beginning to over come that weekend, but it also felt like something more. Like I needed to overcome the fear of something else.
When I finally climbed up that wall of 40 meter I cried, maybe because I was so scared that I thought my heart was gonna stop – but also because I did it. I climbed that freaking wall. Maybe not like spider-man, but as a tiny spider. And I can’t be more proud of myself.
What ever you do, do not ever quit. You can make it!


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Love with every stranger, the stranger the better

You know how I told you that Elin is my inspiration.
Today I woke up at six and thought I overslept, but no work today since it’s Saturday. So I went for a morning walk at the beach with some awesome music in my ears.


IMG_9491 IMG_9495  IMG_9490 IMG_9502IMG_9501 IMG_9500

Some breakfast for a champion was made after the walk. A smoothie with frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, pumpkin seeds, purely grass and almond milk!



My friend Elin.

I have a friend named Elin who is studying fitness at TAFE and now she’s started writing on english so you guys can read her blog too!
She’s a really big inspiration to me not only when it comes to the workout but also as a whole person.
She tries to pep me with encouraging words and help me reach my goals, I’m just not sure what they are!
Yesterday I went up at 5 for go for a morning jog and then hit to work. It feels awesome to have done the workout for the day before work even starts at 7:45!