Challenging myself every month

For Christmas I got a calendar from my mum where I have to do something special every month this year.
In February I needed to try on something new, and on Monday one of my friends took me skateboarding and it was so much fun! I loved it and I can’t say that I was that bad at it either. But, since it was the 29th of February, leap day, does it really count? Has it happen?

In March I’m gonna give meditation an honest chance to win me over by doing meditation everyday. I’ve tried it before but always give up every time cause I get bored. But two days in and still going strong.
There’s a few reasons to why I think meditation would be good for me;
– Relaxation in my body, especially my back which brings me pain everyday.
– I need to be more present, and I think this will help me achieve that.

March. The third month of the year. When did the time start going by so fast? If I was back home in Sweden now I would probably be in an argument with someone about how March actually counts as a spring-month. Which it does, and as soon as the spring pops out you just want to sit outside and wear shorts, even though it is freezing. But apparently it’s sunny in Sweden right now, shocker.
But I’m here, sweating my ass off everyday and loving it. I’m so not telling you this so you can be jealous.




Embarrass yourself, it builds character

On Christmas eve I was sitting in Living room by Aryel as Mrs. Claus and I loved it!
There wasn’t a lot of people who dared to visit me inside but almost everyone smiled or laughed as they walked by. It made my day! I was sitting there dancing and singing and even one old man started dancing outside the window. He gave me so much happiness by just goofing around!
And I hope that’s what I give to people everyday!
While some people just gave me the nod, I mean – Nod to Mrs. Claus? So you DON’T want any presents this Christmas?


This got me thinking – when do we learn that something is embarrassing?
I remember when I was a kid and I accidentally knocked something over in the food store and my dad, who was with me at the time, was all the suddenly on the other side of the store! Embarrassed to be seen with me, and I was embarrassed too!
But now a days I honestly don’t care that much if people think I’m weird or if I embarrass myself.
The other day I was laying on the beach with a friend and he just turned to me and said ”Don’t you ever change, promise me that!”. I’m gonna stay goofy and just be awesome!

Living room by Aryel

My mum has always been an inspiration to me, and now she’s done something amazing again.

She works as an energy therapist and has her own company in a small town called Ystad in Sweden. Here she works with helping people finding the best energy, the positive energy, that they posses and use it to their greatest ability.

Last week she started a ”Living room” in the central part of Ystad where she has a display window where different companies can show the people walking by, what they do for a living.
These companies have one day each to be in this window to introduce themselves and their company.

”– We can have conversations in the window,  do yoga, give financial tips, energy treatment, information, do demonstration and presentation. Only your imagination is the limit.” // Aryel Walett

For instance, my stepdad runs his own security company where he educates security guards, and within the first hour when he was sitting in this window he got a new client that hired him to educate security guards.

On Friday I was in the window getting a massage, and it’s so much fun to see people’s reactions! I love sitting in the window and just wave. And this I’m gonna do on Christmas eve, cause I’m gonna be Mrs. Clause – in the window! So be there!

Aryel Walett driver sitt företag Woman Soul Business i lokalen bakom skyltfönstret. Foto: Pernilla Holmberg

Worlds best staff party.

Last weekend my bosses took me and my co-worker on a road trip along the beach and we went camping!
We went to Double island, Rainbow beach and we slept in Inskip point. It was such an amazing trip and I’m so greatful that they brought me along with them!
The beaches were incredible and we also saw wales!

It is hard to describe this wonderful trip so I will show you some pictures instead. I wish everyone could see this amazing place and experience everything I did those two days!

IMG_1129 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1178 IMG_1190 IMG_1193 IMG_1210 IMG_1233 IMG_1241 IMG_1243 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1255 IMG_1274 IMG_1277 IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1106 IMG_1105 IMG_1090 IMG_1083

The first videos from Australia

Okay. I’ve got a lot of videos from this semester that I’m gonna share with you.
And a few of you might be nervous cause I have so much videos that I could do blackmailing for a living. But don’t you worry, I won’t show you all the best stuff 😉
But this is mostly for all my friends and family back home, so they can have an idea of what’s been going on this semester!

But here is the three first videos of me arriving to Australia, and Unicentral;

This was my roommate I first met. He was nice and trying to help me out, but on the inside I laughed!


A five minute walk to Uni one of my first days!


Hanging by the pool with one of my first friends at Unicentral – Linda!