Kangaroos – On campus

These videos are for my friends and family back home. Here kangaroos is like the swedish deer, and they live on campus. They are awesome and I love them, how can you not love them?

Everytime you see a kangaroo it’s like this thing that you have to take a photo. Like one day when we were going to see a movie Raphael and Junpei missed the bus because they had to take one of those photos(everyone gave a pretty big sigh). But, it was a pretty awesome photo and they didn’t miss the movie!







One night with the gang

This was a night with a lot of laughter, dancing and singing. And I got it all on video! 😉


Me and Linda dancing an awesome dance!
Pretty surprised I didn’t make everyone deaf with my laughter this night.

Macarena or not? The question is; what is Alex doing with the pump?


Linda turned into shaggy.
One carrot and some rapping, she sure was on fire!



My neighbors were awesome

I really loved my next door neighbors at Unicentral, here’s some videos of them this semester. I will miss them!

Eddie dancing at Chris party and doesn’t get very happy when he realizes he’s not dancing with a girl…

Talar having a mental(laughing) breakdown in the couch, one of many 😉


I wonder how many times all of them told me to drink instead of taking pictures(or studying). By the way Eddie, my present of cards, what happened to it?