Cats are liquids.

On Monday school(UNI) started. Was pretty nervouse – but I had my neighbour Amy with me because she is also studying nutrition.
And it all began with Chemistry for two hours, and then labratory Chemistry that’s supposed to be for three hours, but we only listened for one hour and went home.
This is going to be a hard subject for me, but I acctually think it’s kind of fun.


So the courses I’m taking my first semester on USC is Chemistry, Biology, Communication and thought, and Introduction to Nutrition. And right now I’ve got a lot in my head – I’m not used to reading this much.

I’m mixing swedish and english while doing my ekvations.
So I have to make a great timetable to fit everything in – and on Wednesdays I’m taking some time of to go to the gym with my girls!!
We went to a really to a really fun Circuit yesterday at the gym. So sweaty and so hard, but SO MUCH FUN! 😀 I love to sweat, it clears my mind.

Me & Martine after the gym.
Like two little pigs <3


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