Challenging myself every month

For Christmas I got a calendar from my mum where I have to do something special every month this year.
In February I needed to try on something new, and on Monday one of my friends took me skateboarding and it was so much fun! I loved it and I can’t say that I was that bad at it either. But, since it was the 29th of February, leap day, does it really count? Has it happen?

In March I’m gonna give meditation an honest chance to win me over by doing meditation everyday. I’ve tried it before but always give up every time cause I get bored. But two days in and still going strong.
There’s a few reasons to why I think meditation would be good for me;
– Relaxation in my body, especially my back which brings me pain everyday.
– I need to be more present, and I think this will help me achieve that.

March. The third month of the year. When did the time start going by so fast? If I was back home in Sweden now I would probably be in an argument with someone about how March actually counts as a spring-month. Which it does, and as soon as the spring pops out you just want to sit outside and wear shorts, even though it is freezing. But apparently it’s sunny in Sweden right now, shocker.
But I’m here, sweating my ass off everyday and loving it. I’m so not telling you this so you can be jealous.




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  1. This is a great challenge to keep alert, discover new places, get a better understanding of your city and to have more fun while doing one of the mundane daily tasks of life. A great way to keep inspired, to come up with new ideas and to motivate yourself to make the best out of life!

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