Doing the beach in Mooloolaba

Yeah. That’s really a place. Where I am. And it’s Amazing.
Spend the day there with Alle.

IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5069IMG_5072 IMG_5073
Too afraid of the Sharks to go any deeper.

After about two hours of sleep last night I feelt like shit, but this girl made me feel good again! When we think about it we have the same head and body, almost! Feelt so good talking to her today!
Went and did a little necessary shopping and eat some lunch. Nice catching up just the two of us!
I also boght me a thong. Yeah, you heard me! (It is what they call the flipflops here) 😀
Riding with Alle and Callum home later I saw my first spider, on my foot. Started kicking and screaming. But this was a really small one, it could have been worse! And sooner or later it’s bound to happen……..


IMG_5080 IMG_5079


In the evening it was time for bbq at the Uni, first time being there! Went with my new roomie who just arrived yesterday, a girl from Germany. Alina, So sweet! Meet a few other people there too, all too kind.
Got some hamburgers and went on a tour around the campus. So excited for tomorrow when welcome week begins! Gonna post a lot of pictures 😉

IMG_5083 IMG_5085 IMG_5084 IMG_5086


Even though it’s been raining from time to time the weather is so warm, and I just love it!!
So tired so gonna try and get some sleep.

– Night all my Lovely friends, I send you all a thought today! <3

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