Happenings down under

So, what’s happening down under?
A lot is happening right now.

Have met up with Alle, Matte & Callum. They’ve helped me so much with everything. So greatful.

Yeah, I forgot the sunblock on my back. Hurts like hell and I’m not doing that mistake again. Were in the sun for like 20 minutes or so.



Have been a little bit slow because of all the partying going on around here.. Is it always going to be like this guys?! Kind of glad that I’m living on the quite side of the student accommondation.

Got my face on with Anne & Wibke on thursday as well, at the Uni Club. Was a lot of fun!

IMG_5171 IMG_5165
Wibke, Anne and their friends, lovely girls!

IMG_5180 IMG_5186


Bought me a chemistry-book that cost like 175$, not feeling that rich right now!
But then again, all the fun makes up for it.
The truth is, I’m feeling old here. I’m 25, and I’m a ”mature student”, from now on I’m just gonna tell everyone that I’m 21, because no one thinks that I’m older than 20. That’s a good thing, right?
The people here are so nice, just love it! Feeling really blessed to be here 🙂

My swedish chickens brought me to the beach on saturday.
Adrian, Martine(norweigh), Antonia, Ebba & Ebba.
IMG_5218 IMG_5207
Used the Selfie-stick for the first time 😀

IMG_5242 IMG_5244


Hanging by the pool – Skyping with Linda and Jacob <3

IMG_5248 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5257
Hanging by the pool again – My roomate, Aline, and me outside on our backyard(first time being there, too affraid of the spiders), Linda&me after work out-session. She’s doing Fitness at Tafe so she’s gonna get me in to shape!

Gonna do one more update tonight, because now I’m hitting the books!



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