I call him Glenn.

I’ve been here for almost a day now.
Jet-laged like crazy.

I was worried about getting of the plane in Australia with my bagage, but they didn’t even bothered that I had medicine with me! Just crossed it and of I go.

I’ve got two roomates. Jarrod and R-something. Maybe I should ask him again….
They thought I was like eighteen, which means I still got it.
They’ve scarred the living crap out of me. Snakes – Spiders – Sharks – Birds – Kangaroos – toads – and Drop Bear.


They like jump down on you from trees.(made up, but I’m not suppose to tell anyone.)
I’ve also heard that the deadliest snake lives on campus, up in the trees too. It only took me like 50 minutes to take a walk to the supermarket, which should have taken about 25. Busy having breathing-pauses between the trees. The lady at the bank sure got her self a good laugh when I told her that.
And all I saw was a snakeskin, and that pretty much was my limit. Don’t know how I’m gonna get through this, just gotta tough it up a little bit I guess.
But I’m taking baby-steps.

This is my new mate.
I call him Glenn.
Baby-steps 😉

Apparently there’s a cyclone comming, and it’s suppose a five, that is the worst one. So won’t be taking any long walks soon!

Yeah! And I’ve learnt stuff today. Like how to lock the doors from outside. And to pull away the blinds.
Happy day!


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