I will truly miss you.

One semester done.
How did this time go by so fast?
The last weeks I’ve been crying like a baby because I need to say goodbye to all these amazing people. I’ve had such an amazing first semester, and I’m so happy I met all of these awesome people!!

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IMG_8980 IMG_9129 IMG_9181 IMG_9001 IMG_9223
The best part was all of the movie-dates. Or taking pictures of sleeping jack during class…
The most of you I get to keep next semester as well.
But I will miss Talar, Katie, Isabelle, Jack & Jack especially much! I feel so honored to have met you, and I’m forever greatful for everything <3
Okay, I will begin to cry again if I do not change the subject.

The midsummer party was the best midsummer I’ve ever celebrated and I had so much fun, I almost didn’t feel the pain when I ran into a glass door. Could have been all the alcohol but let’s not get into that..
Thanks to all of you who made this night so fun!
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I finished all my exams the first week of the exam block, was so nervous about the biology and chemistry that I’d put all my energy into that, but when it then got to the nutrition part I realized I should have prepared more. But as an american would say ”You’ll be fine” <3

So. New semester, new job, new apartment.
I now work at Scandic cafe in Maroochydore. And I’ve moved to Mooloolaba with Ebba and Alex. Woho! No more Unicentral!
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