If you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over.

Hi guys.
I’m alive, can you imagine that?

Sorry for the bad update, but it’s been a lot going on. The pool, the parties, the sun, the people. Yeah, and of course studying 😉
No, seriously. The studying is much harder than I thought. The words in biology and chemistry are hard in swedish, can you imagine them in english?! Good thing I’ve got my lovely dears here that can help me.
People are so nice here, I love them.

I sometimes say that I play apartment-bingo. Everytime I meet someone new I ask them where they live and that one day when I get a full house I’ve got bingo!
This evening I’ve been to 85 where Talar, Amy, Eddie and Brandon live. Katie almost lives here too(she’s always here), she lives in 87. And I live in 86. That’s my crew!

Here are some of my people over here.
10479034_10152799470943177_8689621029569025332_n IMG_543010930924_791030850951832_4526352968620470324_n IMG_5367 11053540_791030884285162_6342988749300512892_n11058066_10206187373913144_6250775647286096614_n IMG_5458 IMG_5574

IMG_5308 IMG_5296
IMG_5346 11084301_10206187370673063_6082917631725591163_n
The girls after workout <3
IMG_5499 IMG_5500IMG_5608 IMG_5699IMG_5708 IMG_5819IMG_5809  IMG_5314 IMG_5324 IMG_5598 IMG_5456IMG_5683 IMG_5759

I’m so lucky to be here with these people, they’re my australian family.


2 thoughts on “If you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over.

  1. Love all your pictures!!! O nu börja jag skriva på eng…
    Jag vill bara åka ner o få se allt in real life!;)
    Miss you! !!!!!!!!!

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