Have you ever heard that a ladybug means good luck? Well, I have. And when I’m sitting in my room one Sunday night and I notice a ladybug on my shoulder I get very happy!

I have this book I got for Christmas last year about what different animals means, and this is the meaning of a ladybug;
”Someone thinks of you with love. My gift to you is to feel loved. 
On the wings of love I come to you to give a message of love. You are truly loved for what you are. 
Ladybugs often acts like a messenger for someone else but can also come with a message from yourself – to yourself.”

And with this lovely ending of this week I am looking forward to a new one.
Soon Uni will start again and I’m so excited of what’s to come.

Is it funny that the first thing I thought when I saw the ladybug was; Are they poisonous here in Australia?

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