Living the life in Aussieland

People keep asking me how I feel about living here in Australia now, and if I miss home.
When I got here I asked people: ”I wonder how long it will take for me to feel like this is my home?” They said it will take me at least three months. And here I am, three months later, and it still feels like a vacation.
So do I miss home?
No, I can’t say that I do. I miss my mum, Bennie, my friends and maybe my stepdad (but just a little bit), but I really don’t miss it.

You know when you move from one place to another and after a while you sort of forget the old place. How it looked like, what it smelled like, how it made you feel – but I’m not there yet. I call this my home now, but I still remember my old one. In my life I’ve lived approximately two years at every place, that’s how many times I’ve moved.

But, when I sit here in my room and I can hear a skateboard outside my window and I stop to think, ”Is that a train? Are there trains nearby?”
Everyone at my old job knows what I’m talking about, you know when you hear the train go over the rails, that is what a skateboard sounds like.

People say ”reckon” here. A lot. ”Do you reckon?” And Yes, sometimes I get caught with it and say it. Am I almost an australian now?
And the piercing. I got a nose piercing. I am definitely australian.
One thing I can’t say, it just doesn’t work. ”No worries”. I just stutter, I sound like a kid that’s trying to be cool.

To start a whole new life like this is awesome, thrilling and also terrifying. Everything and everyone is new, and I’ve learnt to know so much people since I got here. And they are awesome.
Unfortunately some of them are soon going home as they are only staying for one semester. I’ve made myself a family here and I’m so blessed that I met them!


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