O-week and toga party

Hi guys!
I’ve been up to a lot of stuff so that’s why I haven’t been updating.

I have to say that I just love this place! The people, the weather, the place. Everything is so nice!
Yesterday it hit me that I’m going to be studying in English, that is so freaking cool! Sitting in a lecture and I’m just like waiting for the subtitles to come – because I’m living my movie-life!

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On the way to Uni..

My student ID, I thought you weren’t aloud to smile.
O-week started on Monday, so I’ve been going to some lectures, getting free food. I was pretty beat the whole day though, until the evening.
You started to hear all the music around our accommodation, all the partying people – dancing while making food in the kitchen.
You see, where I live there’s two different student accommodations – I live at UniCentral and the other one’s Varsity, on opposite side of the road. Varsity – there were the party. Got there and played some volleyball with a lot of drunk people, so the ball was just kind of rolling on the ground or hitting people in the head!

IMG_5116 IMG_5117

Tuesday – more lectures and a lot of free stuff – & food. I love food. Snow-cones. Fairy floss – how cute is that?! Looking at some quidditch. And the best part about the day – toga partyyy! Had such a good time!!! Went over to our neighbors and joined the party, one of the girls over there is studying Nutrition – the same as me.
Then I just spent the night running around talking to a lot of awesome people. (and of course playing some volleyball)
Yeah, I’m definitely gonna love it here.

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IMG_5119 IMG_5126 IMG_5133

My poor feet. 

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Some awesome people I’ve met here. 



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