Love with every stranger, the stranger the better

You know how I told you that Elin is my inspiration.
Today I woke up at six and thought I overslept, but no work today since it’s Saturday. So I went for a morning walk at the beach with some awesome music in my ears.


IMG_9491 IMG_9495  IMG_9490 IMG_9502IMG_9501 IMG_9500

Some breakfast for a champion was made after the walk. A smoothie with frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, pumpkin seeds, purely grass and almond milk!



The beauty of living here.

About two weeks ago I was sitting on the bus from Sippy downs to Mooloolaba and I got the feeling ”I live here”. There it came! The feeling I was waiting for, for the first time I could feel that I live here. It was weird.

And recently I’ve noticed that I forget to appreciate all of this that I’ve got here!
I live a ten minute walk from the beach – where a lot of people go on their vacation, and this is my life. I lost the vacation feeling and somewhere in between I forgot to appreciate everything I have here in Australia.
Last night me and Elin went for a walk on the beach, and it was crazy beautiful. I wish you could experience all of this with me.

Elin had to take a couple of photos of me when I did handstands cause I can only stand for like a mili-second(wich you can see on my blurry foot). Sorry Christian & Fredrik, I haven’t been practicing as much as I promised!

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My friend Elin.

I have a friend named Elin who is studying fitness at TAFE and now she’s started writing on english so you guys can read her blog too!
She’s a really big inspiration to me not only when it comes to the workout but also as a whole person.
She tries to pep me with encouraging words and help me reach my goals, I’m just not sure what they are!
Yesterday I went up at 5 for go for a morning jog and then hit to work. It feels awesome to have done the workout for the day before work even starts at 7:45!


I will truly miss you.

One semester done.
How did this time go by so fast?
The last weeks I’ve been crying like a baby because I need to say goodbye to all these amazing people. I’ve had such an amazing first semester, and I’m so happy I met all of these awesome people!!

IMG_8917  IMG_8985 IMG_9007 IMG_9132 IMG_9140 IMG_9160 IMG_9217 IMG_9219 IMG_9222 IMG_8756 IMG_9280 IMG_9270 IMG_8948 IMG_8967 IMG_8977
IMG_8980 IMG_9129 IMG_9181 IMG_9001 IMG_9223
The best part was all of the movie-dates. Or taking pictures of sleeping jack during class…
The most of you I get to keep next semester as well.
But I will miss Talar, Katie, Isabelle, Jack & Jack especially much! I feel so honored to have met you, and I’m forever greatful for everything <3
Okay, I will begin to cry again if I do not change the subject.

The midsummer party was the best midsummer I’ve ever celebrated and I had so much fun, I almost didn’t feel the pain when I ran into a glass door. Could have been all the alcohol but let’s not get into that..
Thanks to all of you who made this night so fun!
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I finished all my exams the first week of the exam block, was so nervous about the biology and chemistry that I’d put all my energy into that, but when it then got to the nutrition part I realized I should have prepared more. But as an american would say ”You’ll be fine” <3

So. New semester, new job, new apartment.
I now work at Scandic cafe in Maroochydore. And I’ve moved to Mooloolaba with Ebba and Alex. Woho! No more Unicentral!
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Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

Hey all you lovely souls!

This semester is finally over, or is it finally?
The time has just been flying by and it’s kind of freaking me out.
And since I’m a person who can’t be in the present now, I’m thinking about how I wish I would have met a couple of people a little earlier this semester as they’re going home soon.
But there’s been some really amazing people here this semester and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know them!

On Friday I was with Jenna and Bridget at Bridget’s house and we had an amazing girls night. Talked about our lifes and thoughts. We were meditating as well, to the most perfect song!
Bridget; ”You have to sing with the song!”
Me; ”I don’t know the words, I’ve never heard this song!”
Bridget; ”That doesn’t matter, just make something up!”

So we were lying in the dark with a couple of lights on and just shouting along to this song! It was so much fun and energetic.
These people give me energy to the max <3

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