Surfin’ birds.

On our Easter break me and some of my ladies went surfing in Noosa, which an old friend of mine set up for us. It was Awesome. I was awesome. So much better than I though I would be!
So if you ever want to try on surfing you should do it with La point camp, so good!

Here’s some photos from that day.
I just loved it.

IMG_0741 IMG_0751 IMG_0764 IMG_0772 IMG_0778 IMG_0789 IMG_0792 IMG_0820 IMG_0823 IMG_0825 IMG_0829 IMG_0837

I love people who make me feel comfortable.


I’ve been here for about two months now and it feels like some of my friends I’ve met here I’ve known for years. It’s funny that way. That some people can make you feel more comfortable about yourself then you’ve ever felt before.
We all know I’m weird, I just haven’t accepted it until now. Thanks to you I feel free to be myself!
And the world will never forgive you for that 😉

Nutritional racists.

People told me to write more about nutrition, so here you go!
I’m studying nutrition, I’m a student and that sucks. And I’m a student in Australia and that sucks even more, just because the food is so expensive here. That’s the only bad thing about living here.
I love food.
This is almost what I eat for one week and for this I payed 120AU$, which is 800 swedish kr. I never bought food for that much money before!
So when you are in the store, you are running after the yellow label on the shelfs 😉

Look at this video my tutor showed in class last week.



A working body?

Before I moved to Australia I didn’t party a lot back home, mostly in the summer. But here summer is everyday, which makes it a little bit harder!
Back home I tried to stay away from gluten, lactose and sugar – since I got here it’s been going down hill.
I have a lot of problems with my body, and I am that kind of person that thinks that the body will feel and work much better if I eat food that is good for my body – that is why I’m studying nutrition. I find it interesting how the food works for and with the body.
I haven’t stopped believe in this I just have been to lazy to care about my body right now. That, on the other hand, needs to stop.
My body felt so much better before I got here.
So, I’m gonna try this again. Try to eat good and healthy food without gluten, lactose or added sugar.
But, my teacher in my nutrition class told us to be open minded, kind of ”forget” what we read about food and how it affects the body, when we started this program, so I will not be too strict.
But God knows I’m not perfect. I will drink alcohol sometimes, eat some candy, and even a pizza now and then, But I will try to take it down a notch, because I need my body and mind to work with me.

You don’t have to agree with me on this, but you don’t have to judge me either.
My medicineman back home used to say ”Eat with your brain, and not with your mouth.”

Okay. I will eat up my chocolate eggs. Because I bought them. And candy is sooo expensive here 😉