Happenings down under

So, what’s happening down under?
A lot is happening right now.

Have met up with Alle, Matte & Callum. They’ve helped me so much with everything. So greatful.

Yeah, I forgot the sunblock on my back. Hurts like hell and I’m not doing that mistake again. Were in the sun for like 20 minutes or so.



Have been a little bit slow because of all the partying going on around here.. Is it always going to be like this guys?! Kind of glad that I’m living on the quite side of the student accommondation.

Got my face on with Anne & Wibke on thursday as well, at the Uni Club. Was a lot of fun!

IMG_5171 IMG_5165
Wibke, Anne and their friends, lovely girls!

IMG_5180 IMG_5186


Bought me a chemistry-book that cost like 175$, not feeling that rich right now!
But then again, all the fun makes up for it.
The truth is, I’m feeling old here. I’m 25, and I’m a ”mature student”, from now on I’m just gonna tell everyone that I’m 21, because no one thinks that I’m older than 20. That’s a good thing, right?
The people here are so nice, just love it! Feeling really blessed to be here 🙂

My swedish chickens brought me to the beach on saturday.
Adrian, Martine(norweigh), Antonia, Ebba & Ebba.
IMG_5218 IMG_5207
Used the Selfie-stick for the first time 😀

IMG_5242 IMG_5244


Hanging by the pool – Skyping with Linda and Jacob <3

IMG_5248 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5257
Hanging by the pool again – My roomate, Aline, and me outside on our backyard(first time being there, too affraid of the spiders), Linda&me after work out-session. She’s doing Fitness at Tafe so she’s gonna get me in to shape!

Gonna do one more update tonight, because now I’m hitting the books!



O-week and toga party

Hi guys!
I’ve been up to a lot of stuff so that’s why I haven’t been updating.

I have to say that I just love this place! The people, the weather, the place. Everything is so nice!
Yesterday it hit me that I’m going to be studying in English, that is so freaking cool! Sitting in a lecture and I’m just like waiting for the subtitles to come – because I’m living my movie-life!

IMG_5101 IMG_5104 IMG_5107


On the way to Uni..

My student ID, I thought you weren’t aloud to smile.
O-week started on Monday, so I’ve been going to some lectures, getting free food. I was pretty beat the whole day though, until the evening.
You started to hear all the music around our accommodation, all the partying people – dancing while making food in the kitchen.
You see, where I live there’s two different student accommodations – I live at UniCentral and the other one’s Varsity, on opposite side of the road. Varsity – there were the party. Got there and played some volleyball with a lot of drunk people, so the ball was just kind of rolling on the ground or hitting people in the head!

IMG_5116 IMG_5117

Tuesday – more lectures and a lot of free stuff – & food. I love food. Snow-cones. Fairy floss – how cute is that?! Looking at some quidditch. And the best part about the day – toga partyyy! Had such a good time!!! Went over to our neighbors and joined the party, one of the girls over there is studying Nutrition – the same as me.
Then I just spent the night running around talking to a lot of awesome people. (and of course playing some volleyball)
Yeah, I’m definitely gonna love it here.

IMG_5123 IMG_5124 IMG_5127

IMG_5119 IMG_5126 IMG_5133

My poor feet. 

IMG_5137 IMG_5139 IMG_5142 IMG_5143 IMG_5144 IMG_5146 IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5152

Some awesome people I’ve met here. 



Doing the beach in Mooloolaba

Yeah. That’s really a place. Where I am. And it’s Amazing.
Spend the day there with Alle.

IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5069IMG_5072 IMG_5073
Too afraid of the Sharks to go any deeper.

After about two hours of sleep last night I feelt like shit, but this girl made me feel good again! When we think about it we have the same head and body, almost! Feelt so good talking to her today!
Went and did a little necessary shopping and eat some lunch. Nice catching up just the two of us!
I also boght me a thong. Yeah, you heard me! (It is what they call the flipflops here) 😀
Riding with Alle and Callum home later I saw my first spider, on my foot. Started kicking and screaming. But this was a really small one, it could have been worse! And sooner or later it’s bound to happen……..


IMG_5080 IMG_5079


In the evening it was time for bbq at the Uni, first time being there! Went with my new roomie who just arrived yesterday, a girl from Germany. Alina, So sweet! Meet a few other people there too, all too kind.
Got some hamburgers and went on a tour around the campus. So excited for tomorrow when welcome week begins! Gonna post a lot of pictures 😉

IMG_5083 IMG_5085 IMG_5084 IMG_5086


Even though it’s been raining from time to time the weather is so warm, and I just love it!!
So tired so gonna try and get some sleep.

– Night all my Lovely friends, I send you all a thought today! <3

My first Kangaroos

When I was a kid I had one bff, Alexandra, and we were really close until we were like eleven.
Haven”t seen her seens then, and yesterday I met her here in Australia. How cool is that? It’s been fourteen years and it was like no time had pass at all. Awesome! She and her boy Callum helped me go shopping yesterday. So now I can eat again!!

I’ve gotten this really bad cold and I feel like shit. When I was in Hong-kong everybody was wearing like masks and I got this brochure about Ebola. And I’m a hypochondriac. So pretty sure I got it.


I saw two baby Kangaroos yesterday! My first ever 😀 they were so cute! They live at the campus so I’m gonna see them everyday now!



I call him Glenn.

I’ve been here for almost a day now.
Jet-laged like crazy.

I was worried about getting of the plane in Australia with my bagage, but they didn’t even bothered that I had medicine with me! Just crossed it and of I go.

I’ve got two roomates. Jarrod and R-something. Maybe I should ask him again….
They thought I was like eighteen, which means I still got it.
They’ve scarred the living crap out of me. Snakes – Spiders – Sharks – Birds – Kangaroos – toads – and Drop Bear.


They like jump down on you from trees.(made up, but I’m not suppose to tell anyone.)
I’ve also heard that the deadliest snake lives on campus, up in the trees too. It only took me like 50 minutes to take a walk to the supermarket, which should have taken about 25. Busy having breathing-pauses between the trees. The lady at the bank sure got her self a good laugh when I told her that.
And all I saw was a snakeskin, and that pretty much was my limit. Don’t know how I’m gonna get through this, just gotta tough it up a little bit I guess.
But I’m taking baby-steps.

This is my new mate.
I call him Glenn.
Baby-steps 😉

Apparently there’s a cyclone comming, and it’s suppose a five, that is the worst one. So won’t be taking any long walks soon!

Yeah! And I’ve learnt stuff today. Like how to lock the doors from outside. And to pull away the blinds.
Happy day!